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Iqos  Iluma i Prime  is a great option for individuals seeking a portable, high-performing substitute for traditional smoking. IQOS Iluma i is a cutting-edge device that revolutionizes your smoking experience. With its sleek design and advanced features, this device is perfect for those seeking a smoke-free alternative. The touchscreen interface provides easy access to all the information you need, allowing you to personalize your experience. Plus, with the Pause Mode feature, you can pause and resume your smoke-free moment with just a swipe of your finger. Say goodbye to wasted sticks and hello to a smarter smoking experience with IQOS Iluma i. Get yours today and elevate your smoking game.

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Philip Morris International has launched IQOS Iluma i Prime, the latest and most innovative addition to its growing portfolio of smoke-free products, in Japan. The launch marks the 10-year anniversary of IQOS, which debuted in Nagoya, Japan, in 2014.

IQOS Iluma disrupted the category by introducing induction-heating technology that heats tobacco from within, to provide a consistent taste experience, no tobacco residue, and no need to clean the device. Today, we take IQOS to new heights, with the launch of IQOS Iluma i—the latest innovation in our smoke-free portfolio, offering a range of advanced features for a clean, seamless, and more flexible experience.

The IQOS Iluma i series offers three devices in Japan: IQOS Iluma i PRIME, IQOS Iluma i and IQOS Iluma i ONE. All three devices bring a range of adaptable new features.

The new touch screen on the device’s holder allows users to see experience-relevant information quickly and easily. To personalize the experience, IQOS Iluma i introduces a new pause mode. By swiping up or down on the touch screen, users can pause and resume their consumption according to their preferences.

The new IQOS Iluma i also includes smart features that help prolong the lifespan of the holder’s battery. Furthermore, the door for IQOS Iluma i is made from aluminum produced with renewable energy and the inner textile layer of IQOS Iluma i’s Prime leather-like wrap is made of 100 percent recycled plastic.


Breeze Blue, Digital Violet, Garnet Red, Midnight Black, Vivid Terracotta

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