Terea-Arabic Labelled

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Terea-Arabic labelled

Each TEREA stick is designed to last up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs. The way you puff will impact how long the TEREA stick lasts. When 30 seconds or two more puffs remain, the holder will pulse white lights and vibrate twice. Simply remove the TEREA stick and dispose of it responsibly. Compared to HEETS sticks, TEREA sticks are sealed. So, when TEREA sticks are used with IQOS ILUMA, there is no tobacco residue and no need to clean the device after use. Thanks to the all-new IQOS ILUMA and TEREA tobacco sticks, you may enjoy a better tobacco experience in a clean and effortless way.

Explore the fascinating world of Terea-Arabic labelled items and their intriguing historical connections.


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Terea tobacco sticks have been specially developed for the latest IQOS tobacco heating device series – the IQOS ILUMA, and can only be used with devices in this range. The IQOS ILUMA device series features innovative Smartcore Induction Technology.


Amber, Purple, Sienna, Silver, Turquoise, Yellow


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Terea-Arabic labelledTerea-Arabic labelledTerea-Arabic Labelled